Monday, April 13, 2009

She's 9!

Yes, our Darling Daughter turned nine this year.
Here is the run down for her day.

Wakes up to all of us singing to her Happy Birthday!
Next...pancakes, ice cream, strawberries, and whipping cream for breakfast.

Then, Grandpa Kempton's Birthday call, he always makes her laugh.

At Lunch her wish was for Mom to come to school and see her tether ball skills.
She beats me playing tether ball. I guess I am a little rusty.

The cutest Brother and Sister I have ever seen.
They played "wall ball" on her special day.
I was thrilled to get a glimpse of this.
After school, her very first bank account.
She opened it with money she got from Mom and Dad
and Grandpa and Grandma Kempton.

And now...her with Mom.
First Target, and Ross, Fred Meyer, and Kohls.
She came home with a load of stuff.
A new purse, clothes, flip flops, sun glasses, and more.

Her request for cake was Angel Food with whipping cream and strawberries.
Grandma and Grandpa Huff came for the festivities.
We are so happy you came to our family Suzanne.
Happy Happy Birthday.

Just Incase....

you wanted to know what the inside of a tape measure looks like,
Cal has you covered.

I had no idea.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Pirate

This is what a trip to the Dollar Store will do....
hours and hours of entertainment.

The Gun Cake

Grant and Vince made this cake for the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner this year. The theme this year for Cub Scouts "Western" Vince traced his gun and made a pattern from it. The pattern was cut out and then the cakes. We used 2, one chocolate and one spice. Butter cream frosting was slathered on and a real wood dowel painted black was used for the barrel. Grant tore apart a gun we purchased from the dollar store and placed the trigger and hammer. Happily, this is our last Blue and Gold Dinner. Grant turns 11 in June. Moving up with the BIG BOYS....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Talented Hula Girls

Central Elementary had their talent show on Feb 19, 2009. All the kids were asked to audition. Suzanne and her dear friend, Abby worked really hard choreographing a hula hoop dance for the show.

Suzanne started going over to Abby's every day after school to practice. They wrote everything down on note cards so they wouldn't forget, and practiced over and over.

Vince found some great music("Hula Hoop" by the Platters) I found the costumes, and Kris Farrar (Abby's Mom) made the girls adorable matching hoops and got the shoes.

On the day of the audition, they stood in a long line and waited their turn to be called into the music room. When they were called in, they were met by a panel of four judges (their eyes got a little big when they saw that) They were a little nervous, and did their routine a little faster than normal, but did a great job and I left that room with a huge smile on my face.

They had two performances, one during the day for all the kids, and one at night for all the parents.

Waiting...waiting...waiting to perform for the school.
Looking Good!
Two adorable friends...Happy with their performance.
NOW... with out further a due.. the closing act...

On February 19, 2009 Central Elementary School
featured Suzanne Huff and Abby Farrar
as the closing act in their
2 Annual Talent Show

I know I am partial, But they stole the show!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why is my water bill so high, in FEBRUARY???

So most of you know that in Oregon we usually don't see the sun
(except for a peek here and there)
from October to May and sometimes even June.
This winter has been unusual. We've had several days of sunshine.
Cal keeps asking...
"Mom can we get our swimming suits on and go swimming?"
Of course, everyone knows that if the sun is shining,
it means SUMMER.

I told him NO at least a dozen times.

I was talking on the phone with my Mom and look out the window to find this.

Look at Cal's face, this is serious fun...
Did you notice the COATS???
The BIG KIDS come home
Grant is not having anything to do with it.
Suzanne jumps right on in. First she asks "If I get wet will you let me change?"

Fun Fun Fun

Star Wars Party

Pictured Jedi Knights: Front-Devin Top, Front Left-Jace Trantham, Front Right- Henry Grice, Back-Grant Huff

Grant invited a few of his friends over on Friday night to have a party. He wanted to celebrate his recent "Spelling Victories".

Here is the agenda for the night.
(Grant came up with this all on his own)

6:00pm-6:15 Make Your Own Pizza
6:15-7:00 Capture the Flag
7:00-7:30 Come in and Eat
7:30-8:30 Nerf Gun War + Laser Sword Fights
8:30-9:00 Play Video Games
9:00-10:00 Watch Star Wars the Clone Wars
Pictured Jedi Knights:Front-Jace Trantham, Back Left-Grant Huff, Back Right-Devin Top

What Fun!!!

Spelling Victories

The Boy...

The Test....
Check out how hard those words are. Grant and Vince did "Spelling Wars" (Grant and Vince take turns trying to spell the word, Grant always gets to go first) Vince couldn't get most of them. Vince said, "That is why there is spell check."

Grant struggles with spelling, always has. He has a new teacher this year that expects a lot more. This test was a total victory for him. It takes him a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears, but he is doing it. I am so proud. He has had two +18 tests this year, and we hope to make it many more. Good for you Grant!!! I love you.

There is that strainer...again

Robert wanted to show me how he could keep those cars up on the side of the bowl. Robert loves cars.

Towel Whipping

I walked in on this one. Grant teaching Suzanne how to properly whip a kitchen towel. He was giving her all the perfect instructions. I wish I had the video camera in my hand because I laughed until I cried.

This is us!

Here we are, all snuggled up to each other trying to get the perfect Christmas pose. May I emphasize the word TRYING. Yes, I am very aware this is March. I have a little catching up to do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Arizona Citrus

I look at my porch and what do I see?
a box of Oranges and Grapefruit smiling at me.

I think, "Oh How Lucky Am I!"
I feel so grateful I just want to cry.

My Dad sends me Oranges and Grapefruit you see
to make the rainy days in Oregon a little more bright for me.

The sweet smell of Arizona that fills our home
there is nothing like it, that why I write this poem.

Its hard to put a price on the love that I feel
to be given some sunshine from home that's so real.

Thanks Dad for keeping me stocked with that Arizona sunshine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What did he do?

Inquiring minds want to know. There were some left over noodles sitting on the table in the strainer after dinner. I was working in the kitchen and Robert came in and showed me this. I don't know if you can tell, but he has threaded the noodles through each hole of the strainer. I love to watch his mind work.

Loosing 2 Teeth

Cal was so excited about playing a Hot Wheels DS video game he tried to open the case with his teeth. Instead, he was traumatized when both of his bottom front teeth "broke" and were sticking straight out. After a day of listening to Cal complain about how his teeth hurt, I told him I would help him get them out. I pulled and twisted. The first one came right out. He was surprised it didn't even hurt. He was ready for tooth #2 and it popped right out. He was thrilled! The tooth fairy came a few days later. Cal struck it rich and made a whole $4.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cal and the Vacuum

Yes that is Cal and yes that is the vacuum. Let me explain. Cal takes everything apart. Old toys, household items, you name it. He is so curious and loves to know how things work. This is an old vacuum that doesn't work anymore. We just replaced it a few weeks ago. It was on the front porch ready to be taken to the dump. He couldn't wait to get his hands on it. He spent at least 3 hours after school for 2 days on this project. Do you see that big heavy coat? It was freezing outside. When he came in his hands and face were red. Look at his smile. I love it.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

All in 2009

1. I want to be "Emergency Free". I am constantly putting out fires. This is because I don't follow a calendar and I am not very organized. I usually miss everything. Its either that, or show up late. Baby Steps. I am going to get there this year.

2. Get ALL this baby weight off. I gained 60 lbs with Dallin. The time to get it off is now and my goal is May. Yes, my birthday month. I really want to give myself that gift this year.

3. Fun Family Game Nights. Saturday nights after the Saturday work is done.

4. Read the Book of Mormon.

5. Stop existing and start ENJOYING THE RIDE. I have nie nie to thank for that one.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was able to visit Arizona on short notice this year. Vince let me go a full seven days! He took care of Grant, Suzanne, Cal, and Robert. It was a tearful good bye. Dallin and I took off for a little very needed vacation in the sun. I have such a good man.

1. Pedicure with Mom and Wendy
2. Massage by Kate
My Dad scheduled it for me and oh boy was that ever a treat!
3. Lunch with Preston (nephew)
We went to the Macaroni Grill. He opened every door, quite the gentleman he's grown up to be.
4. Sun Sun and more Sun
5. Salon Spoiling by Julie
My sister is a cosmetologist and has a salon in her house! We played with color and I turned out BRIGHT RED! It calmed down after a few days and lots of people love it.
6. Watching Black and White old movies with Mom
7. Shorties
Its a Kempton Family Tradition, the best enchiladas you'll ever have. At least that what us "Kemptons" will tell you.
8. Stories
My brothers are the best at telling stories. Tears steamed from our faces and we laughed till our bellies hurt.
9. Leaves in the back of the Truck
My Dad loaded a bunch of leaves in the back of the truck I was driving. I had to go down the freeway to get to my massage. Talk about a leaf storm!!! I couldn't go over 45mph. Kristine (SIL) saved me and we dumped them in her orange grove.
10. Visit with Amber (SIL)
11. Lunch with Kristine (SIL)
12. Breakfast with Kayla
13. Dinner at Mayflower Mom and Dad
I love time to talk with my parents and that it when we seem to do it.
14. Elmers Tacos
The place I went out to lunch a lot in High school and crave when I get back to Oregon.
15. Flip Flops
16. Oranges and Grapefruit