Saturday, January 31, 2009

All in 2009

1. I want to be "Emergency Free". I am constantly putting out fires. This is because I don't follow a calendar and I am not very organized. I usually miss everything. Its either that, or show up late. Baby Steps. I am going to get there this year.

2. Get ALL this baby weight off. I gained 60 lbs with Dallin. The time to get it off is now and my goal is May. Yes, my birthday month. I really want to give myself that gift this year.

3. Fun Family Game Nights. Saturday nights after the Saturday work is done.

4. Read the Book of Mormon.

5. Stop existing and start ENJOYING THE RIDE. I have nie nie to thank for that one.


  1. We have a family calendar that lives in the kitchen. I put everything that's happening to all of us on there. For me, the key to success is putting it on the calendar the second something is scheduled. Otherwise I completely forget. I would be a mess without it!

    And I hear ya about #2. I was doing well over the summer, but have fallen apart over the holidays. Good luck to you. I know how hard it can be.