Monday, April 13, 2009

She's 9!

Yes, our Darling Daughter turned nine this year.
Here is the run down for her day.

Wakes up to all of us singing to her Happy Birthday!
Next...pancakes, ice cream, strawberries, and whipping cream for breakfast.

Then, Grandpa Kempton's Birthday call, he always makes her laugh.

At Lunch her wish was for Mom to come to school and see her tether ball skills.
She beats me playing tether ball. I guess I am a little rusty.

The cutest Brother and Sister I have ever seen.
They played "wall ball" on her special day.
I was thrilled to get a glimpse of this.
After school, her very first bank account.
She opened it with money she got from Mom and Dad
and Grandpa and Grandma Kempton.

And now...her with Mom.
First Target, and Ross, Fred Meyer, and Kohls.
She came home with a load of stuff.
A new purse, clothes, flip flops, sun glasses, and more.

Her request for cake was Angel Food with whipping cream and strawberries.
Grandma and Grandpa Huff came for the festivities.
We are so happy you came to our family Suzanne.
Happy Happy Birthday.

Just Incase....

you wanted to know what the inside of a tape measure looks like,
Cal has you covered.

I had no idea.