Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was able to visit Arizona on short notice this year. Vince let me go a full seven days! He took care of Grant, Suzanne, Cal, and Robert. It was a tearful good bye. Dallin and I took off for a little very needed vacation in the sun. I have such a good man.

1. Pedicure with Mom and Wendy
2. Massage by Kate
My Dad scheduled it for me and oh boy was that ever a treat!
3. Lunch with Preston (nephew)
We went to the Macaroni Grill. He opened every door, quite the gentleman he's grown up to be.
4. Sun Sun and more Sun
5. Salon Spoiling by Julie
My sister is a cosmetologist and has a salon in her house! We played with color and I turned out BRIGHT RED! It calmed down after a few days and lots of people love it.
6. Watching Black and White old movies with Mom
7. Shorties
Its a Kempton Family Tradition, the best enchiladas you'll ever have. At least that what us "Kemptons" will tell you.
8. Stories
My brothers are the best at telling stories. Tears steamed from our faces and we laughed till our bellies hurt.
9. Leaves in the back of the Truck
My Dad loaded a bunch of leaves in the back of the truck I was driving. I had to go down the freeway to get to my massage. Talk about a leaf storm!!! I couldn't go over 45mph. Kristine (SIL) saved me and we dumped them in her orange grove.
10. Visit with Amber (SIL)
11. Lunch with Kristine (SIL)
12. Breakfast with Kayla
13. Dinner at Mayflower Mom and Dad
I love time to talk with my parents and that it when we seem to do it.
14. Elmers Tacos
The place I went out to lunch a lot in High school and crave when I get back to Oregon.
15. Flip Flops
16. Oranges and Grapefruit

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I'm excited to be the first to leave a comment. Sounds like you had a wonderful mini-vacation. And now you've got me craving Mexican food! Yum!