Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why is my water bill so high, in FEBRUARY???

So most of you know that in Oregon we usually don't see the sun
(except for a peek here and there)
from October to May and sometimes even June.
This winter has been unusual. We've had several days of sunshine.
Cal keeps asking...
"Mom can we get our swimming suits on and go swimming?"
Of course, everyone knows that if the sun is shining,
it means SUMMER.

I told him NO at least a dozen times.

I was talking on the phone with my Mom and look out the window to find this.

Look at Cal's face, this is serious fun...
Did you notice the COATS???
The BIG KIDS come home
Grant is not having anything to do with it.
Suzanne jumps right on in. First she asks "If I get wet will you let me change?"

Fun Fun Fun


  1. OK, THAT is funny! We sometimes feel the same way here - if the sun is out, it must be pretty nice outside, right? Nope, it's still 22.

  2. Nice! I should have thought of that. Chase sees the sun and says, "Good, it's summer, today is my birthday!" What am I going to do?